Information for Surveyors

Accreditation involves a survey team conducting a formal evaluation of hospitals and other health services which employ prevocational doctors. The survey team evaluates the health service based on standards outlined in the Accreditation and Standards Guidelines.

Survey teams consist of two to three surveyors; a lead surveyor, a support surveyor and a trainee surveyor. On occasion several teams will be allocated to a survey, depending on the number of units at the health service to be accredited.

All surveyors are expected to be able to utilise their knowledge of the PMCWA Accreditation Standards and extensive workplace knowledge to review and assess the performance of organisations without bias.

More information can be found in the PMCWA Surveyor Handbook- Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Surveyor

Any medical officers involved with or have an interest in medical education are encouraged to sign up to participate in a survey team. Please contact for more information.