Information for Surveyors

Health services employing interns and residents are required to demonstrate they offer sufficient experience, education, training, supervision, assessment, evaluation, support, and a safe working environment to enable prevocational doctors to meet the objectives of their training program. Accreditation surveys are formal evaluations to assess the health site against standards and guidelines.

Accreditation surveys are conducted for various reasons:

  • Full survey routinely every four years for all health sites and terms that employ, or place interns (PGY1s), or residents (PGY2 & PGY3+)
  • Follow up survey to provide an opportunity for a site or term to address conditions where multiple standards were not met during a previous survey
  • Full survey where a previously unaccredited site submits a request to be accredited.

Each survey requires the services of 2-3 surveyors whose job it is to interview relevant people at the site, including the junior doctors and their supervisors to then provide a recommendation on the accreditation status to be awarded for consideration by the PMCWA Accreditation & Standards Committee.

How do I apply to be a surveyor?

If you are interested in becoming a surveyor:

  1. Email with the information outlined below:
    • Name
    • Current work
    • Work history (max 3-4 dot points only)
    • Experience in prevocational medical education
    • Accreditation/audit experience if any (max 3-4 dot points only) NB: previous experience not required
    • Your availability
  2. Complete the Conflict of interest declaration
  3. Complete the confidentiality document and
  4. Review the information below.   

If you have any other questions please email