Education Committee

The PMCWA Education Committee has a role in contributing to the statewide, high quality sustainable educational program that meets the requirements of local hospitals standards to produce competent junior doctors to work effectively within the WA health system.

The Committee provides a forum for expert stakeholder consideration and is responsible for the identification, evaluation and monitoring of education and training programs for prevocational medical officers and other non-vocational doctors. The Committee will report to PMCWA on strategies and outcomes.

The Education Committee meets every second month. For further details of when the Education Committee will next meet email

The Terms of Reference for the Education Committee are as follows.
  • Promote the development and implementation of quality educational programs for prevocational doctors. Provide advice to PMCWA’s Accreditation Committee on educational standards for hospitals to ensure appropriate infrastructure and support is in place for prevocational doctors.
  • Support the Postgraduate Medical Education Units by:
    • Identifying innovation and sharing best practice in medical education
    • Providing professional development opportunities
    • Supporting their supervising clinicians
  • Support the transition from medical student to intern through participation in the liaison between WA medical schools and the HSP Medical Education Units
  • Support the development and implementation of national initiatives
  • Oversee the planning and decisions for:
    • Education Symposium
    • Medical Careers Expo
    • Medical Education Research Bursaries
    • Awards (state and national).

Education Committee Composition

Full Members
  • Chair, Education Committee
  • Two to three* representatives of each (with one only required to contribute to the quorum):
    • Directors of Postgraduate Medical Education
    • Directors of Clinical Training
    • Medical Education Registrars
    • Co-chairs of the JMO Forum
    • JMO Forum, Education Committee representatives
    • Medical Education Officers
  • Doctors Welfare Interest Group
  • Australian Medical Association (WA) Doctors in Training
  • WA Country Health Service
  • PMCWA Manager

*as deemed suitable by the Chair due to current focus and workload of the Committee at the time. The third  member can be on a temporary basis.