Medicine offers many career choices – from clinical practice to public health, medical education and clinical research. There are also many options for practice, from sole private practice to large teaching hospitals. You could be based in a major city or work in a community setting in rural and regional Australia. The types of medicine you will experience in each of these environments can be vastly different. To help you with this very important and possibly daunting decision, below are Specialty and Trainee Profiles.

Data Sources

Profiles have been developed using the National Health Workforce Dataset (NHWDS) 2021 collections for Medical Practitioners (Western Australia). This data is provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health using Medical Practitioners registration and survey data collected in 2021. Nationally the medical survey response rate is 94.3% (2015).

More information on the data build and quality can be accessed here

Advanced vocational trainee data is sourced from Medical Education and Training Data 2020 – Chapter 4 Vocational training, available here

Map Locations: Location is derived from national health survey question – “the address at which you predominantly practise the profession, or your principal place of residence if you are not practising your profession or are not practising predominantly at one address”. This data is validated against data from the National Health Services Directory, health map to confirm delivery location.

Methods: Data is analysed using SAS and Tableau.

Further Information

Please contact pmcwa@health.wa.gov.au with any questions regarding information.