What you Need to Do

As a supervisor of PGY1 (interns) and/or residents you have a responsibility to guide them, support them and teach them as they progress through their prevocational career.

Regardless of the type of supervisor role you play, you will be required to:

  • Undertake the training and assessment requirements which includes:
    • Conducting the following with each intern and resident:
      • Beginning of Term Discussion
      • Mid-Term Assessment
      • End-of-Term Assessment
    • Providing ongoing feedback and support
    • Improving performance, particularly when performance concerns are identified
  • Provide clinical supervision appropriate to the interns’ and residents’ experience and responsibilities
  • Support interns and residents to attend formal education sessions
  • Ensure the term has a Term Description (approved by the Term Supervisor) with accurate information
  • Be aware of your responsibilities and participate in supervisor training and support