CPMEC Awards

Each year the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC) recognises both junior doctors and clinical educators across Australia and New Zealand who have made valuable contributions to prevocational medical education and training through two Awards:

Nominees are selected by peers or supervisors, and PMCWA selects the Western Australian (WA) winners based upon the nomination details provided. All state nominees are forwarded by PMCWA to CPMEC and the overall national winner of each category is announced at the annual National Prevocational Medical Education Forum in November.

Nominations are now closed for 2022. 


Pictured – 2022 WA Junior Doctor of the Year Dr Fiona Spencer and Clinical Educator of the Year Dr Matthew Chau


MEO Innovation Award

PMCWA has developed an award to celebrate the innovation and passion of the WA Medical Education Officers, Medical Education Support Officers or equivalent. We appreciate the amazing support and effort they provide to our prevocational medical trainees, and we would like to recognise this important role. Additonal information can be found here

We are very pleased to announce that the winner of this award for 2022 is Leah Proctor. 

Leah has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of two major innovative projects at Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospital Group - Simulation To Enhance Patient Safety (STEPS) Consultation Service and Team First Aid. We congratulate Leah on this achievement, and thank her for her ongoing contribution to prevocational medical education and training in WA. 



 Pictured - Leah Proctor, 2022 MEO Innovation Award winner 

Previous JMO and Clinical Educator WA Winners
Year Junior Doctor of the Year Clinical Educator of the Year
2022 Dr Fiona Spencer Dr Matthew Chau
2021 Dr Brittney Wicksteed Dr Zarrin Allam
2020 Dr Anita Smith Dr Greg Sweetman
2019 Dr Sherman Kwan Dr David Forster
2018 Dr Jasmin Korbl Dr Lucy Kilshaw
2017 Dr Kiran Narula Dr James Marangou
2016 Dr Justin Bui Dr Monica Gope
2015 Dr Nicholas Gilbert Dr Richard Arenson
2014 Dr Trent Little Dr John Ward
2013 Dr Chris Wilson Ms Fran Gratwick
2012 Dr Courtney Majda Dr Mo Ballal 
2011 Dr Kelly McNamara Dr David Oldham
2010 Dr Emma Allanson Dr Richard Tarala
2009 Dr Caroline Rhodes  


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