Training & Assessment Requirements

The training and assessment of prevocational doctors is a crucial component to support their development. The requirements are stipulated in the AMC Training and Assessment Requirements to contribute to good quality training and include the following (as linked to the Accreditation Standards):

  1. Beginning of Term Discussion:  A shared responsibility to have a discussion between the term supervisor and prevocational doctor. This provides an opportunity to review the term description, agree on learning objectives and assessments, including any specific learning outcomes the prevocational doctor wants to focus on. The AMC beginning of term discussion template may assist. 
  1. Mid-Term Assessment: The mid-term assessment provides timely and documented feedback on performance against the outcome statements and is an opportunity to identify any specific learning needs that have emerged.
  1. End-of-Term Assessment: This assessment provides formal feedback on performance against the outcome statements for the term. It also provides evidence to support a global progress decision at the end of the year by the Assessment Review Panel. The Term Assessment Form is to be used.   
  1. Feedback and support: Prevocational trainees must be provided with regular feedback on their performance throughout the term – outside of the above formal feedback schedule. 
  1. Improving Performance: Your site’s Director of Postgraduate Medical Education, Director of Clinical Training or equivalent support supervisors and prevocational doctors if a performance concern is identified at any stage throughout the term/year. The Term Assessment Form Scoring Matrix and the AMC’s Improving Performance document will help guide you in completing the Improving Performance Action Plan (IPAP) form
  1. Assessment Review Panel: A committee to make an end of year global judgement on whether to recommend progression to the next stage of training, which includes recommendation to the Medical Board for PGY1s ready for progression to General Registration.

*WA will not be implementing EPAs until 2025. Further information can be found here.