Training & Assessment Requirements (2024 Onward)

As part of the AMC’s new National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training, there are new requirements for PGY1s (commencing in 2024) and PGY2s (with a soft launch in 2024 and then officially commencing in 2025).

The assessment approach must be aligned to the requirements stipulated in the AMC Training and Assessment Requirements and include the following (as linked to the Accreditation Standards):

  • Feedback and support for continuous learning (Accred Standard 2.4)
    • Prevocational Trainees must be provided with regular feedback on their performance
    • Supervisors must know and use clear procedures for immediately addressing concerns about patient safety.
    • Performance improvement plans (IPAPs) to be used for prevocational trainees who are not performing to the expected level.
  • Beginning of Term Discussion (Accred Standard 2.3.1)
    • This step is a new mandatory requirement for the term supervisor and prevocational doctor. The discussion is to involve a review of the term description and agree on specific learning objectives and assessments to focus on during the term. Refer to the AMC beginning of Term Discussion template
  • Mid-Term Assessment (Accred Standard 2.3.1)
  • End-of-Term Assessment (Accred Standard 2.3.1)
    • An opportunity to provide feedback on the performance of the term as a whole, to support a global progress decision at the end of the year.
    • Utilise the Term Assessment Form to document this feedback and the Term Assessment Scoring Matrix for guidance.

Training & Assessment Requirements (2023)

The Australian Medical Council sets standards for elements of the prevocational phase of the medical education continuum. In 2019-2022, the AMC conducted a comprehensive review of all the elements of the National Framework for Prevocational (PGY1 & PGY2) Medical Training (formerly, National Framework for Medical Internship). The finalised documents can be found here National Framework for Prevocational (PGY1 and PGY2) Medical Training. You can also refer to our Prevocational Framework Support page for further information specific to WA.

All PCMWA education and training events can be found on our events page.

In 2023 all interns are required to be assessed by the form below. A new form will be used from 2024