Accreditation Committee

 The Accreditation and Standards Committee is accountable to the Postgraduate Medical Council for the development of standards and accreditation of training positions and institutions.

The Committee assesses and endorses accreditation reviews and related matters in accordance with the national standards and requirements for prevocational training (PGY1 and PGY2) programs and terms.

The Accreditation and Standards Committee meets every six to eight weeks. For further details of when the Accreditation and Standards Committee will next meet email

The Accreditation and Standards Committee has delegated responsibility and authority for the following areas:
  • To inform, advise and implement the work of PMCWA in the accreditation of training positions.
  • Develop and implement accreditation guidelines for prevocational education and training in Western Australia, in line with national, state objectives and vocational training pre-requisites. This includes ensuring that all prevocational positions offer sufficient experience, education, training, supervision, assessment and feedback.
  • Accredit prevocational training positions that meet national standards.
  • Oversee further development and implementation of the accreditation process, including the recruitment, training and management of accreditation surveyors and implementation of periodic reviews.
  • Report to the PMCWA Secretariat on the outcomes of the accreditation reviews.
  • Assist health services in ensuring that the intern, also known as postgraduate year one medical officer (PGY1), has completed all necessary requirements for recommendation to the Medical Board of Australia (Western Australian Board) to progress general registration as a medical practitioner.
  • Advise the PMCWA Council on issues that affect the accreditation of prevocational training positions.
  • Advise the PMCWA Council if it becomes aware of any significant concerns about prevocational doctor wellbeing or environments that are unsuitable for junior doctors.
  • Promote and/or undertake projects/research related to the accreditation of prevocational training positions.

Accreditation and Standards Committee Composition

  • Chair of Accreditation and Standards Committee (Appointed by Council)
  • Chair of Accreditation and Standards Committee
  • Former Chair of Accreditation and Standards Committee, PMCWA
  • Representatives of Accreditation Surveyors (1-2 members)
  • Representative from each Primary Employing Health Service (DCT or DPGME)
  • A member with an understanding of general practice training and its link with prevocational training.
  • Representative of Medical Education Officer Forum 
  • Respresentatives of Junior Medical Officer Forum
  • Representative of Director of Medical/Clinical Servics
  • Representative of Australian Medical Association (Western Australia) Doctors In Training Practice Group.