Information for Health Sites

It is the responsibility of sites (health services, hospitals, community placements etc that employ PGY1, PGY2 and PGY3+) to fully understand the Accreditation Standards and Guidelines and the PMCWA accreditation process.

Further information for sites can be found in the below how-tos:

Step 1: Confirm date(s): the date(s) including the timing and overall length of the survey will be coordinated between both PMCWA and the site and will be dependent on:

  • Time required to undertake the survey which is based on the number of units being accredited
  • Availability of the key personnel from the site
  • Availability of PMCWA surveyors.

Step 2: Develop the survey timetable: refer to survey timetable template for instructions.

Step 3: Submit paperwork to PMCWA (all documentation must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the survey commencing)

  • Timetable template – to assist you in drafting your survey template (with the inclusion of medical workforce reps to be interviewed)
  • DPME/DCT summary report – to provide PMCWA with a brief self-assessment from the site on the terms being accredited (replacing the previous DCT Cover letter)
  • Evidence lists for term specific surveys – a checklist of evidence mapped against the new standards for term surveys only (replacing the previous ‘Documents Required’)
  • Evidence lists for health site wide (HSW) surveys – a checklist of evidence mapped against the new standards for health site wide surveys only
  • Term description – a summary document that each accredited term is required to have (replacing the previous ‘Term Objectives’)
  • HSW description - a summary document that each health site is required to have (replacing the previous ‘Hospital Questionnaire’ and the ‘Medical Education Personnel Report’)
  • JMO questionnaire (term) - a survey to obtain feedback from the JMOs. Can either be administered by PMCWA in preparation for a survey or as the standard term evaluation form used by sites. As stated in the “Evidence List” document, our site’s term evaluations can be used in place of and/or in addition to (replacing the previous “PMCWA Questionnaire”)
  • JMO questionnaire (HSW) - similar to the above but specifically relating to health site level.