Information for Supervisors

Supervisors and supervision are a crucial component of the education, training and support of our prevocational doctors.

You may be a:

  • Term Supervisor: senior medical practitioners allocated to a term, responsible for the coordination of the prevocational doctor’s clinical experience in the term.
  • Primary Clinical Supervisor: supervisor with consultant level responsibility for managing patients in the relevant discipline that the prevocational doctor is caring for. Could also be the term supervisor.
  • Clinical ‘Day to Day’ Supervisor: supervisor who has direct responsibility for patient care, such as a registrar (at least PGY3 level) and provides informal feedback and contributes information to assessments. Could be in addition to the primary clinical supervisor or the same person.

Whether you are a term supervisor, clinical supervisor or a registrar providing day to day supervision, you will find the below information valuable as we embark on new requirements from 2024 and beyond: