Information for JMOs

There are many avenues for JMOs to be involved in the PMCWA accreditation of WA health sites, which are listed below. Regardless of which option you choose, it is important that you understand the Accreditation Standards and Guidelines

Complete your site’s routine Term Evaluation forms

Each site has a process for gathering feedback from interns and residents that rotate through their terms. The summarised data from these Term Evaluation forms is provided to PMCWA as part of the survey process and is a very important and valuable avenue for you to provide feedback.

Participate in a formal accreditation visit of the site you are currently working in

If your health site is due for an accreditation survey, you may be asked to participate in interviews by the survey team about the term or site you are currently working in. 

Escalate issues you have experienced at your site

You may have experiences when working at particular sites or terms which you feel shouldn’t occur. These issues can often be resolved within your health site through transparent and timely communication. Following the steps on this JMO Escalation Pathway will assist you in taking effective action with support from your site’s medical education unit.

Below are additional steps that can be used following the steps provided in the escalation pathway:

Become an accreditation surveyor

Becoming an accreditation surveyor is a great way to experience other sites and to support the PMCWA in supporting JMOs across WA. PMCWA’s Information for Surveyors will provide all the information you need to become a surveyor.