PMCWA Accreditation

PMCWA is the prevocational training accreditation authority endorsed by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to assess prevocational training programs across Western Australia (WA). The assessment of prevocational training programs involves the assessment of health sites, hospitals, private or community placements and each individual term (or rotation) that employs, seconds or places PGY1 and PGY2. This assessment is against the National standards and requirements for prevocational training (PGY1 and PGY2) programs and terms.

PMCWA also assesses PGY3+ resident positions under a separate mandate from the Director General, WA Health, utilising the same National standards and requirements for prevocational training (PGY1 and PGY2) programs and terms.

The accreditation process occurs over a four-year cycle with PMCWA assessing both the health service as a whole and each individual term. As outlined in the diagram below, the standard cycle has three main components: full survey, follow up actions if required and a mid-cycle progress report. Follow up actions are only required when there are unmet standards and conditions are applied, which results in Provisional Accreditation. Full Accreditation is only awarded when all accreditation standards are met.



The following are the types of follow up actions that may be used for the Accreditation Committee to confirm with the site that action is being made to meet the previously unmet standards: 



Main Use

Outstanding Conditions Action Report (OSCAR)

A report to be completed by the site, outlining the action(s) they have completed to address the outstanding conditions(s) as a result of unmet or substantially met standards

For low or medium risk concerns

Follow up survey

Surveyors conduct a follow up accreditation survey across all standards

For predominantly high and extreme risk concerns

Self assessment against the standards

A report to be completed by the Medical Education Unit (or equivalent) to provide a comprehensive analysis across all standards for the term

To follow up for new terms, when issues are identified in a mid-cycle progress report or ad hoc feedback suggests a need

JMO phone interview

PMCWA secretariat to conduct phone interviews with JMOs

To obtain feedback to check on implementation of changes identified by the site