Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)

The AMC National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training includes the implementation of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). Although the Framework was officially launched in January 2024, official implementation of EPAs has been delayed until January 2025. As EPAs are a new initiative for prevocational medical trainees there will be a thorough implementation plan throughout 2024 including engagement with medical education units, supervisors and JMOs to prepare for the 2025 launch.

Option to Trial EPAs in 2024

During 2024, there is the option of trialling the use of EPAs in either a whole health site or within a particular department. If you would like to progress a trial, PMCWA would welcome the opportunity to work with you. This will assist in the development of the WA implementation plan for 2025. You can contact us via pmcwa@health.wa.gov.au


The following resources will be useful in your consideration of a trial and in planning for the official rollout in 2025. NB: PMCWA will be running workshops during 2024 to support this rollout:

WA’s EPA Implementation Plan for 2025

Stay tuned for further information about the workshops, activities and resources that will form part of WA’s implementation plan.

Further Information

Further information can be found within the AMC’s ‘Training and Assessment’ document at the following pages:

  • The description of the EPAs, assessment of EPAs and how they fit within the broader assessment schedule (pages 45-50)
  • Relationship between outcome statements, end-of-term assessments and assessments of EPAs (page 51)
  • How EPAs are utilised for improving performance (pages 53-54)
  • Assessment requirements of EPAs and the ‘Certifying Completion’ process (pages 57-59)
  • EPA Assessment forms (pages 75-86)
  • The Accreditation Standards related to EPAs (which can be found in AMC’s ‘Training and Environment’ document):
    • Standard 2.3 Assessment requirements (page 18)

PMCWA hosted their annual Medical Education Symposium on 16 September 2022. The theme of the day was Innovation and Change, with a large focus on the National Framework for Prevocational Medical Education and the new requirements and assessment for PGY1 & PGY2 training.