Review Your Pre-Reading

The following pre-reading documents will be emailed to you one week before the survey. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Timetable – schedule of the survey day, including details of parking, where to meet and who to contract on arrival
  • DCT/DPME cover letter - overview of the units to be reviewed
  • Previous reports – the most accreditation reports for background
  • JMO term evaluations/feedback – JMO feedback from previous terms
  • Rosters
  • Orientation Manual/s
  • Term Description Form

The following is a good process to follow in getting the most out of your pre-reading:

  1. Download the documents to a safe place on your computer so they will be accessible on the day of the survey
  2. Understand the big picture:
    • What type of accreditation is it and therefore which standards will be assessed?
    • What is the current accreditation status?
  1. Read the following documents in this order:
    • Cover letter from the Director of Postgraduate Medical Education or equivalent
    • Previous survey report
    • Recent term evaluations/JMO feedback
    • Everything else.
  1. Note any areas that look alarming, inconsistent, or maybe just even unclear. And note any areas that look promising, impressive, of high quality. These areas can be further explored through questions at the interview stage of the survey. In noting this information remember the following important points:
    • Standards: What are the standards that need to be assessed?
    • Scope: The scope of PMCWA accreditation is defined by the Accreditation Standards and relate to prevocational training.
    • Confidentiality: Any information you read about in your pre reading is confidential and not to be shared outside of the accreditation visit.
    • Independence: You must remain independent in your thinking and actions, with your opinions and views remaining at arm’s length.
  1. Draft some questions that could be used to further explore the issues you identified above, noting the following:
    • Use open ended questions
    • Be a good listener
    • Use third person language where possible, i.e., how do interns (not you) find this rotation?