WA's Implementation Plan


Workshop #3 Wrap Up:

Following this workshop, health sites are working with PMCWA on the following:

  1. Draft Assessment Form
    1. To review the proposed paper-based assessment form for WA and provide feedback
  1. Assessment Review Panel
    1. Health sites to continue trialling the Assessment Review Panel (utilising the Draft Guide) and ensure any existing groups (e.g., ARG) meet the new requirements and finalise Terms of Reference to reflect the new requirements
    2. Draft an appeals process including ‘Grounds for Appeals’ for your health site to circulate for shared ideas
  1. Term Supervisors
    1. Identify a term supervisor for each term
    2. Establish a process for allocating the training to all term supervisors
    3. Identify a plan for monitoring and recording compliance 
  1. Area Health Service Workshops – Road Show
    1. Get together with the sites within your Area Health Service and decide on a date for you to run a workshop for your term supervisors, DCTs, MEOs, workforce etc. (with PMCWA attendance to offer some support if required)

PMCWA will:

  1. Confirm when the supervisor modules will be finalised. Update: PMCWA have been advised that the planned roll out date is mid-October.
  2. Check if the supervisor training can be added to the LMS for all WA health sites to then access. Update: PMCWA can confirm that the training can be added to the LMS for all WA Health Sites.
  3. Check with the AMC if the IPAP form will be updated. Update: PMCWA can confirm that AMC will be updating the IPAP.
  4. Draft an example IPAP.


Workshop #2 Wrap Up:

PMCWA would like to thank attendees for their valuable contribution at our recent workshop, which took place on the 13 June. The workshop included discussions on how health sites will engage and train their term supervisors and how they will identify their PGY2s and PGY3s.

Following this workshop, health sites are working towards:

  1. Term Supervisors
    1. Identifying a Term Supervisor for each Term
    2. Establishing a process for allocating the training to all Term Supervisors
    3. Identify a plan for monitoring and recording compliance
  1. Inclusion of PGY2 and PGY3+
    1. Create a process for identifying your PGY2 and PGY3+ separately in rostering
    2. Identify where they rotation to
    3. Identify the difficult scenarios in which PGY2s or PGY3+s wouldn't be compliant to Standard 2.1 e.g. split contracts, specialist rotations, Competent Authority IMG, locums, etc.
  1. Term Classifications/Matrices
    1. Submitting 2024 PGY1 & PGY2 term matrix utilising the PMCWA instructions.
  1. Term Description:
    1. Review draft template and provide comments to PMCWA by Fri 7 July.
  1. Accreditation Standards: Prepare a list of possible evidence your site could use to show compliance towards the following sub standards:

1.1 Organisational purpose

1.2 Outcomes of the prevocational training program

1.3 Governance

1.5 Relationships to support medical education

  1. Change Management Strategies
    1. Identify relevant stakeholders at your group
    2. Identify their needs and the timing of required support
    3. What are change management strategies that could work at your site?


Workshop #1 Wrap Up: 

PMCWA would like to thank attendees for their valuable contributions at our recent workshop, which took place in February 2023. The focus of the workshop included using the new clinical experience terminology to update current matrices, the Assessment Review Panel (ARP) and proposed guidelines surrounding leave relief for PGY1s.

MicrosoftTeams image 5

Following this workshop, health sites are working towards the following to assist in preparing for the upcoming 2024 intern recruitment: 

  • Reclassify the current terms (moving away from 'core' and 'non-core') to Undifferentiated, Acute, Chronic and Perioperative/Procedural and differentiate which terms provide 'specialist' and 'non-specialist' experience.
  • To prepare for convening the first Assessment Review Panel by end of term 1, 2023

PMCWA will: 

  • Liaise with the AMC to confirm details of the supervisor training, in particular the key learning outcomes, potential duration, format of the training and how RPL will be considered. 
  • Request the AMC include supervisor compliance in the e-Portfolio specifications. 

The next workshop is scheduled for Wednesday 31 May. Keep an eye out for an email from PMCWA!



The Australian Medical Council (AMC) have recently announced a staged approach for the implementation of the Framework, with PGY1 components to be implemented by 2024 and PGY2 components by 2025. PMCWA will work with sites throughout 2023 and 2024 to prepare for these implementation dates.

It is likely that the e-Portfolio will also be implemented in 2025, although this is pending approval from the national Health Chief Executives’ Forum.

PMCWA will continue to provide support on all aspects of the Framework. Some key strategies which PMCWA will be providing in 2023 include:

  • Framework Implementation Workshop
  • Accreditation training
  • Medical Education Unit information sessions
  • Medical Workforce training information sessions
  • Supervisor Information sessions

Information about the above will be sent to relevant stakeholders, including medical education and medical workforce staff. If you have any queries, please email pmcwa@health.wa.gov.au

AMC have recently published the following documents: