Term Descriptions

Term Description Forms

The new framework states each PMCWA accredited term will be required to complete a term description form to demonstrate how that term is meeting the framework’s term requirements. The term description form will be consistent across WA assisting PMCWA and their surveyor teams to easily identify the important details of the term. These term description forms will be on the agenda to discuss with sites at PMCWA’s next workshop.

As outlined in the AMC Training and Environment document, the term description must define the: 

  1. Term name
  2. Term length
  3. Supervision (including name and model of supervision)
  4. Team (including team composition and continuity (ward-based/clinical))
  5. Role
  6. Specialty/department
  7. Clinical experience
  8. Learning outcomes (including potential EPAs)
  9. Prerequisite learning (if relevant)
  10. Timetable 

Below is where you will find further information on the term descriptions within the AMC's 'Training and Environment' document:

  • Overview of what the term descriptions must define (page 34 and 37)
  • Summary of the training program delivery (pages 20-24)
  • Summary of term level requirements (page 37)
  • The role of the term description for the beginning-of-term discussion (which can be found in the AMC's 'Training and Assessment' document on page 49)
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