Entrustable Professional Activities

Entrustable Professional Activities (commonly known as ‘EPAs’) describe essential work undertaken. This is a new concept in the prevocational space, which has been successful with surgical, physician and GP trainees. These EPAs have been developed using the Royal Australasian College of Physician Basic Training Curriculum EPA structure and content, with permission. This will be used along with mid and end-of-term assessments to increase valuable feedback for our junior doctors.

Although EPAs will not be part of the formal assessment program in 2024, PMCWA will liaise with sites to develop a transition plan including paper-based trials during this time. 

Overview of EPAs

Below is where you will find information within the AMC’s ‘Training and Assessment’ document:

  • The description of the EPAs, assessment of EPAs and how they fit within the broader assessment schedule (pages 45-50)
  • Relationship between outcome statements, end-of-term assessments and assessments of EPAs (page 51)
  • How EPAs are utilised for improving performance (pages 53-54)
  • Assessment requirements of EPAs and the ‘Certifying Completion’ process (pages 57-59)
  • EPA Assessment forms (pages 75-86)
  • The Accreditation Standards related to EPAs (which can be found in AMC’s ‘Training and Environment’ document):
    • Standard 2.3 Assessment requirements (page 18)

For additional information, please view the AMC website.