Assessment Review Panel

As of January 2024, each site will be expected to have an Assessment Review Panel to determine the global assessment for each PGY1 (with the inclusion of PGY2s to be confirmed). The panel will consider the outcomes of the EPA assessments and the end-of-term assessments to make a judgement of whether the prevocational doctor has achieved the prevocational outcomes at the end of the year. It is anticipated that introduction of this Panel in 2024 will simply formalise and support processes that many health sites currently undertake.

Global Assessment Panel

Below is where you will find information within the AMC’s ‘Training and Assessment’ document:

  • The description of the Assessment Review Panel (page 48, 54)
  • How the Assessment Review Panel certifies completion of PGY1 and PGY2 training (pages 56-59)
  • Assessment forms to guide the Assessment Review Panel’s global judgement (pages 67-86)

The Accreditation Standards related to the Assessment Review Panel (which can be found in the AMC’s Training and Environment’ document):

  • Standard 2.3 Assessment requirements (page 18)
  • Standard 2.5 Improving performance (page 19)
  • Standard 3.2 Supervisors and assessors – attributes, roles and responsibilities (page 21)
  • The Assessment Review Panel’s role when time requirements aren’t met (page 35)

For additional information, please view the AMC website

PMCWA will be working with health sites to create and trial their ARP in 2023, so that they are well equipped for the formal implementation in 2024. 

ANZPMEF23 Recommendations of an Assessment Review Panel Workshop