Accreditation Standards

As a trainee surveyor, you are not expected to know all the criteria, but some familiarity with them with be helpful – for example if the junior doctors seem dissatisfied with aspects of a term then look to see which criteria match with those areas of dissatisfaction. The lead surveyor will guide you on how the criteria are interpreted, and the usual standard required.

Criteria Evidence/Examples
1.1 Capacity to provide mandatory supervised general clinical experience

Proposed term rotations for each prevocational doctor

Confirmed year term rotations for each prevocational doctor

Evidence of case mix/workload infrastructure and support data 

Accreditation survey interviews

1.2 Strategic planning and training budget

Organisational purpose and aims.

Documented commitment to support the ongoing and future needs of the PTP.

Evidence showing that the person(s) involved in implementing the PTP is actively involved in the strategic planning process.

Accreditation survey interviews
1.3 Structure supporive of prevocational doctors

Organisational structure

Ratio of Postgraduate Medical Education Unit staff to prevocational doctors

Accreditation survey interviews
1.4 Delivery and coordination of prevocational training

Policies, processes and procedures relevant to the delivery and coordination of the PTP

Demonstration of mechanisms monitoring implementation of policies, processes and procedures between and within the health services.
1.5 Prevocational Training Committee

TOR for the Committee responsible for PTP including membership.

Minutes for past twelve months.
1.6 Coordination between health services

Process for communication between network partners.

Minutes of meetings between network partners.

Intern and RMO term allocations

Obligations of each Primary Placement and Placement Health Service in supporting training and the learning objectives for prevocational doctors at that site.
1.7 Process for appointment to program Documentation of selection processes