Information for Health Services

Postgraduate year 1 (PGY1/intern) and postgraduate year 2+ (PGY2+/resident medical officer) positions in WA must be accredited by the PMCWA.

Health sites and departments can be accredited for a maximum length of 48 months. Before the expected expiration date, an accreditation site survey will be conducted before ongoing accreditation can be granted.

Accreditation surveys are reviews of health services and terms against the PMCWA accreditation standards and criteria conducted by PMCWA accreditation surveyors. More information can be found in the tabs below.

Accreditation of new health sites

PMCWA accredits individual health services, practices, units, departments, terms and rotations. Where a term is split across multiple sites/units, each unit or site must be accredited separately (visiting each site).

Health services wishing to be accredited for prevocational doctor positions must provide the PMCWA with a submission addressing the relevant accreditation criteria. This should include (but not limited to) information on:

  • The Postgraduate Medical Education Unit- the team supporting and overseeing the junior doctors on site
  • Supervisors- who is the appointed term supervisor responsible for the supervision and assessment of the junior doctor
  • Term objectives- junior doctor roles/responsibilities and what they can expect to learn
  • Assessment and feedback mechanisms
  • Expected casemix and workload

Further information and templates to assist with this process can be requested for by contacting PMCWA.

Health services wishing to be accredited as a Primary Employing Health Service will need to provide a much more comprehensive application. Please contact for more information.