Accreditation & Standards

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia (PMCWA) accreditation program sets out to establish and monitor standards for prevocational medical positions and is the Australian Medical Council’s accreditation authority in Western Australia (WA) to accredit intern positions for suitability for general registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

Accreditation helps to ensure that health services employing prevocational doctors offer sufficient experience, education, training, supervision, assessment, evaluation, support (including resources) and a safe working environment to enable prevocational doctors to meet the objectives of their training program.

The Accreditation and Standards Guide sets out the standards for health services providing prevocational medical education and training in WA, in line with national guidelines and standards.

The standards are made up of three sections:

  • Prevocational Training Program
  • Health Service Wide
  • Unit/Department

Health services, and their departments, with prevocational doctors (interns and/or resident medical officers) are assessed against these standards to ensure appropriate education and support is provided for a safe and valuable training experience.

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